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Shelly offers microblading, emphasizing individual hair strokes in the brow, or beautiful natural powdered brows. If brows are not what you need... then let her also work her magic on your eyes... or possibly your lips! Shelly artistically draws on and then tattoos eyeliner and lip liners with lip fills, and the colors are endless!

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As a lifelong educator, Shelly realizes the importance of training, learning, and practicing.

She has taken over 100 hours of training to learn the art of cosmetic tattooing. She completed her training with a certified trainer learning the techniques and procedures for lips, brows, and eyeliners. Shelly then completed a training class on the art of microblading, one of the newest techniques for eyebrows. She offers this very popular technique to achieve the brow shape and color of your desires, while adding individual hair strokes to your brow. Finally, she attended blood borne pathogen training to ensure cleanliness during her procedures and of her facility.

Professional History

Shelly has spent twenty-six years as a middle school teacher and counselor.

She holds her Masters degree and Rank I in counseling, and is a National Board Certified teacher (NBCT) in early adolescence history/social studies. She excels at what she chooses to do, because being at the top of her game has always been important to her.


Shelly has always been artistic, which is important in permanent cosmetics.

While in high school, Shelly took art class for three years, and the only reason she didn't have take it for four years is that she wasn't allowed to take it as a freshman. As a senior, she received her high school's Art Award. Since then she has painted murals on her child's bedroom walls as well as some "for hire" work painting several murals on kid's walls. Shelly volunteered to paint murals on her school's gym walls, spending her first week of summer vacation one year to boost the school spirit. She has decorated cakes for over twenty years as a gift to family members whose children are having birthdays.

Why all the info?

Shelly believes that each client needs to trust the permanent cosmetic technician that she or he chooses. Background is important!